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30 Oct 2019

In September 2019, China Packaging Federation and China Packaging Co., Ltd. jointly issued the “Decision on Awarding Packaging Industry Science and Technology Award in 2019”, and announced 21 awarding projects of science and technology award of packaging industry in 2019. Jinan Labthink Instruments, together with Naval Characteristic Medical Center and Guangdong Chaozhou Quality Measurement Supervision and Testing Institute, jointly completed the "Infrared Water Vapor Transmission Rate Test System for Testing Various Types of Packaging Materials Project"(hereinafter referred to as “the project”) and won the third prize. Continue reading

30 Sep 2019

Over the past 30 years, the enterprise has created countless industry miracles step by step from scratch, from good to excellent independently developed sensors based on infrared method, coulometric method, electricity method and electrolysis method, made major breakthroughs in core technology and overcome product technical barriers Continue reading

24 Jul 2019

On the 30th anniversary, Labthink launched a commemorative innovative product, C130H Gas Permeation Test system, a high precision laboratory testing instrument based on differential pressure method, to help realize gas permeability, solubility coefficient and diffusion of thin films and sheets tests in fields of scientific research and food, pharmaceuticals, packaging materials and many others, efficiently enhance product quality control and new product R&D processes. Continue reading