Value-based Instruments

DIAMON includes our high performance “Classic Series” instruments, “Big Data Series” instruments with automatic data acquisition and big data analysis and “i-Process Series” instruments for high-speed field testing. Those products covers packaging, food, pharmaceutical, printing, adhesive, chemical, automotive, construction material, new energy, lithium battery and many other industries.


Consultative Testing Services

CONVEN team consists of consultants and testing operators. CONVEN provides testing results and reports and, more importantly, helps customers to find problems and solve them, based on the powerful knowledge base of CONVEN and big data analysis with numerous testing cases for the actual applications and demands of customers


Lab-based Solutions

INNOMAX is the business brand for Labthink’s innovative Laboratory Solutions. INNOMAX has five sets of solutions: Marketing Competitiveness Solutions, Laboratory Management Solutions, Laboratory Data Collection Solutions, Instrument Support Solutions and Mobile Solutions.