Package Testing

To ensure the best packaging and help lower the total cost of logistics,it is very advantageous to be able to test packaging during the design and production process. Tests Can help to ensure that your packaging needs are met, based on the type of product you are packaging and the modes of transportation that will be used.

  • Package Integrity
  • Permeability Ability
  • Flex Durability during Transportation
  • Internal and external Pressure Resistance Ability
  • Headspace Gas Analysis

All these properties can be got on Labthink Instruments.

Gas Permeability Tester

Gas Permeability Tester is to measure O2, CO2, N2 transmission rate through barrier materials.

Water Vapor Peremability Tester

Water Vapor Permeability Tester is for the WVTR test of flexible films, sheets, foils and packages. Test methods includes electrolytic sensor, infrared sensor, humidity sensor and cup method.

Tensile Strength Tester

Tensile Strength Tester includes Tensile Strength, Shear, Peel Strength, Tear Strenth and Seal Strength Test. 6 Models are available for customer choices according their requirements.

Leak Tester

Leak test aims to examine the sealing quality and integrity of a package, especially when the package is exposed to a pressure differential. MFY-01 Leak Tester (ASTM D3078) and LSSD-01 Leak and Seal Strength Tester

Headspace Analysis

Headspace Gas Analyzers are used to measure the volumes and proportions of O2 and CO2 in sealed packages on production lines, at warehouses or in laboratories, to serve as a guide for production and assure shelf life.

Heat Seal Tester

Heat Seal Testers are used for the determination of heatsealability of plastic films, composite films, coated paper, and other sealing films under certain sealing speed, pressure

FDT-02 Flex Durability Tester

FDT-02 is professionally applicable to the determination of flex durability of flexible films, composite films, and coating films. The instrument can simulate the kneading and creasing behaviors of films happened during production, processing and transportation.