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22 Feb 2020

While employees at Labthink headquarters are fighting the war against the novel coronavirus and speeding up the production of test instruments needed by the medical frontline, a good new from European market came up. On February 20, Labthink Europe Branch was registered and established in Frankfurt, Germany! This is another milestone in the process of global development of the c Continue reading

20 Feb 2020

In the critical situation of the epidemic, in order to ensure the safety of all staff, Labthink employees will be mainly working from home. However, as a multinational company with a 30-year history in the research, development and manufacturing of packaging testing instruments, Labthink has received orders from related organizations such as medical products manufacturers and medical device inspection institutes since the beginning of the year. It is the duty of Labthink to fulfill a responsibility and contribute to controlling the epidemic. Continue reading

14 Feb 2020

In the face of all kinds of adverse effects caused by the epidemic, the company s senior management comprehensively analyzed the epidemic situation and considered all aspects of travel, return, health, safety of all employees, recognized the importance and urgency of epidemic prevention and control, made decision on control timely, made overall arrangements for all links, and inform the employees of the company’s decision and deployment as soon as possible. Ensure the safety of all employees during the Spring Festival and ensure the smooth operation of the company s affairs during the holiday. The key is to ensure the urgent demand for testing instruments of the material production enterprises in the war of epidemic prevention and control! Continue reading

10 Feb 2020

The epidemic situation is urgent, there is no oath meeting, no letter of war, Labthink assembly, adjustment, distribution and other related front-line colleagues proactively ask to return to the factory, fearless of risk, regardless of financial return, competing against the clock, Labthink office and other support departments also do a good job in epidemic prevention and protection, and finally, we have achieved the fastest 2-day assembly, adjustment and distribution procedures, with the fastest speed, we will send the instrument to the clients and work together to ensure the smooth production of epidemic prevention materials. Continue reading