Things start with a torn sauce sachet. When people opens a bag of instant noodle and see a torn sauce, spilling sauce, the manufacturer might face a product quality dispute. Packaging Integrity is always one of the key factors in quality control.

Damage may occur during the package distribution and transportation through the supply chain. Stacking is a widely used way during storage and transportation for maximum cost and space savings. But the packages at the bottom of the stack needs have enough compression resistance ability to prevent damage.

Recently, an instant noodle manufacturer came and told us that they wanted to test the compression resistance of the sauce sachets in their instant noodle package. Currently, most compression testing machines are mainly applicable to big boxes and bags. To fulfill the specific requirements of sachet testing, Labthink engineer customized a compression testing machine for this client.

The instrument can test 5 sauce sachets simultaneously at a determined pressure and time. Based on the current instrument, we can also customize for customers with different pressure and specimen size requirements.

Thought the testing, we find that the compression resistance of bags mainly depends on the seal quality of bags. If the sealing side is open, means the heat sealing parameter was set too low. If the side is still sealed but the pouch is torn, means the sealing temperature and pressure was set too high. If the pouch is torn inside, means there’s a possibility that the composite layers may separate. In general, a pouch’s pressure resistance strength is related to its composite quality and the sealing strength. Therefore, a pressure resistance strength test not only tells us a pouch’s pressure resistance, it also helps to find out the reasons that caused the damage.

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