Reviewed by the awarding council and the management committee for scientific and technological award in packaging industry and approved by China Packaging Federation and China National Packaging Corporation, 30 scientific projects won the scientific and technological award in packaging industry. The achievement by Labthink Instruments Co., Ltd, “Electrolytic sensor method water vapor transmission rate testing instrument for flexible packaging film and packages” won the third prize.

This project is carried out in accordance with the electrolytic sensor method standards such as ISO 15106-3 and GB/T 21529. The instrument uses Labthink’s self-developed high-end precise sensor, with 6 Labthink’s patents.

With the same testing accuracy, sensitivity, repeatability and stability, this project also solved many problems that exist in current water vaportransmission rate testing instruments, such as unsuitable to package testing, sealing difficulty when testing rigid thick specimens, unable to test the moisture permeability of the materials less than the test area of the instrument. Labthink’s new instrument is greatly improved in the usage rate, cost performance, testing accuracy and stability. Besides various plastic films, composite films, paper plastic composite films, plastic and rubber sheeting, Labthink’s new instrument can also be used to test the water vapor barrier property of bottles, cans, boxes and barrels and other packages made of various materials.

By now, this scientific achievement has been widely applied in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, household chemicals, automobile, chemistry, aerospace, new energy and electronic industries, which is beneficial to the research and development as well as performance study of new materials.

Labthink Instruments Co., Ltd, is always dedicated to providing customers with packaging testing solutions and helping the manufacturers fulfill the goals of quality and safety assurance, through improvement of packaging testing techniques and development of high-end packaging testing instruments.