Labthink Celebrate 30th anniversary

In 1989, several young people started a journey of exploring the cause of packaging inspection in a garage. Over the past 30 years, the enterprise has created countless industry miracles step by step from scratch, from good to excellent independently developed sensors based on infrared method, coulometric method, electricity method and electrolysis method, made major breakthroughs in core technology and overcome product technical barriers. It has more than 150 independent intellectual property, participated in drafting more than 20 international standards and national standards of packaging industry, and has a top class testing center certified by CNAS. This testing center has a wide range of testing capabilities. The testing data have been recognized by more than 130 quality and environmental management system accreditation agencies worldwide. Labthink now has more than 50 international agents and 30 international service providers, and nearly 20,000 customers in the world. Labthink is the first to introduce digital product quality solutions in China's packaging and printing industry. It has many global leading products, such as differential pressure vessel tester, coulometric oxygen permeability test system, vacuum packaging residual oxygen analyzer, membrane separation test analyzer, medical packaging performance tester, global high-precision gravimetric moisture permeability tester and so on.

Thirty years of development, Jinan Labthink Instruments has illuminated the world packaging industry with technology capability and won the praise of the global market. Over the years, the company has continuously led the development of global packaging testing technology, and has made outstanding contributions to the construction of a global green, environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging industry. Labthink is recognized by World Packaging Organization (WPO) and become the first enterprise partner of WPO in 2018.

Since 2000, under the leadership of the party and national policies, Labthink rides with the tide of joining WTO, mapped out a strategy of development, establish the “Labthink” brand on international market.In the past 10 years,Labthink obtained the Import and Export Right of Self-operated Foreign Trade and CE marking. Labthink products are sold in regions and countries in North America, South America, Europe, Africa and South Asia. Labthin entering international market is the first step of global development, the second step is establishing international branches in developed countries. Labthink has established international companies in the United States, Germany and other developed countries and regions, and has gradually built its own huge development system in the global scope.

Labthink’s construction of modern management system entered a new phase. Innovation incentive system, lean production system, project management system, global after-sale service system, information management system, safety and compliance management system are consolidated into enterprise management system, this is a measure for global development strategy.

Today, Labthink has grown into a leading brand in global packaging testing instrument industry. It is a technology company with international competitiveness and influence, and a leading global model enterprise in instrument manufacturing. In the future, Labthink will continue to compete with quality, technology, service, and a complete industrial manufacturing system in the global market, to meet the needs of and create value for global customers, to strive to develop the company into a leading international technology group with pulls the development of upstream and downstream industry.

My motherland and I cannot be separated for a moment; no matter where I go, there is a song of praise." Yes, I and my country cannot be separated for a moment! It is with the strong support of the country that Labthink has the courage to go abroad and compete in global market. Our country is the strong backing for our participation in global economic development! The country has given us the strength to march forward! Although there will be many difficulties on the way of enterprise development in global competition, we firmly believe that under the strong leadership of the Party, our country and our cause will surely create new and greater miracles!

Labthink is always with China. Happy birthday to motherland.