A novel coronavirus outbreak in China during the Spring Festival of 2020 disrupt our plan for life and work. Nearly ten thousand medical workers from all over the country run to Hubei for rescue! It will take the people's whole efforts to win the unprecedented prevention and control of the epidemic! Up to now, although we have seen some positive changes, the situation is still grim, and the whole country remains highly vigilant and conscious in the war with the virus.

People who were preparing to celebrate the Spring Festival were put to face this widespread epidemic. The impact of the epidemic on the whole society is all-round! In making a stance on key issues, we are facing the same situation! Because the traveling of all employees during the Spring Festival is limited, the company is having difficulty to restart work after the holiday. Many of our clients were expropriated for the production of frontline supplies, their process of purchasing our testing instruments is full of twists and turns in this situation

When an epidemic breaks out, a command is issued. It is our responsibility to prevent and control it

In the face of all kinds of adverse effects caused by the epidemic, the company's senior management comprehensively analyzed the epidemic situation and considered all aspects of travel, return, health, safety of all employees, recognized the importance and urgency of epidemic prevention and control, made decision on control timely, made overall arrangements for all links, and inform the employees of the company’s decision and deployment as soon as possible. Ensure the safety of all employees during the Spring Festival and ensure the smooth operation of the company's affairs during the holiday. The key is to ensure the urgent demand for testing instruments of the material production enterprises in the war of epidemic prevention and control!

Under the guidance of the notice of the State Council on the extension of Spring Festival holiday, the company put the life safety and health of all employees first. As early as January 27, the company issued the notice of "precautions for the extension of Spring Festival holiday and epidemic prevention". The extension of the holiday was extended to the maximum, one week later than the resumption of work which was stipulated by the state. After the Lantern Festival, the company resumed work! This arrangement ensures the life safety and health of all employees and considers the safety and stability of the company's operation. In this extended holiday, the company's senior management made accurate schedules and swift decisions to make sure the smooth operation and efficient production during this difficult time, managed the payment all employees' salaries as usual and guaranteed the interest of employees!

The time for resuming work and production is getting closer, but due to the severe situation of the epidemic situation, considering the risk of infection in the rush back to work, as well as the fact that the epidemic situation in Jinan at that time did not allow negligence, the company further stressed the principle of ensuring the life safety and health of employees and the safe and stable operation of the company, and made a decision—— Implement the special working schedule during the epidemic, to combine "home office" and "on-site office", and take the home-based office as the primary way of work. If it is necessary to work on site, employees should report to the deputy general manager for approval, try to minimize the number of employees working on-site.

During the period of home office, the company deployed information technology for online office cooperation, effectively ensuring the normal operation of the company. The online office work style could only be realized by the support of the IT department. In the special period of epidemic, according to the overall strategy of the company, the information technology department responds quickly to all kinds of needs of all colleagues, handles and solves problems in a timely manner. The IT department successively developed employee health information system, collected all employee health information, and grasped the health status of each employee in real time; the information system enables barrier free communication among all employees in different places, and ensured the rapid processing of various work and processes; developed the home office time-writing system; supported the smooth and uninterrupted operation of Labthink US office. The impact of the novel coronavirus has highlighted the importance of building information system for modern enterprise to ensure smooth operation.

In the process of making a comprehensive decision in the face of the epidemic, Labthink, who has a history of more than 30 years, responded with calm, steadiness and positive attitude to ensure the efficiency of the whole system in the extraordinary time. In this epidemic, this enterprise with long history showed its strength to further realize global development in the future! In the extraordinary time, Labthink performs extraordinarily well.

Every man has a share of responsibility for fighting the virus

Facing of the impact of the epidemic, the normal working pace of many companies was disrupted. The holiday is delayed twice, but the correct, fast and accurate decision-making ability of the senior team still ensures the normal operation of the enterprise in an emergency! This situation is reflected by the urgent demands of special clients. The production capacity of many medical manufacturers in Liaoning, Hebei and Shanghai involved in the novel coronavirus epidemic prevention and control is largely expropriated. Due to the rapid increase of needs for test instruments, many clients turned to us for urgent orders.

In this race of urgent purchase orders, every colleague on every line is a heroes in harm’s way, and everyone is contributing despite the risk! The clients, logistics, traffic police are all players in a race with time, and warriors in the war with the epidemic. We worked hard to overcome all kinds of difficulties, gave unconditional support to clients, and achieved seamless connection in all links, and fully guaranteed to satisfy the instrument demand of the manufacturers which produce epidemic prevention and control medical supplies!

Client in Hebei

The novel coronavirus epidemic has been raging in Shandong, Hubei and Zhejiang provinces, and other provinces and cities, a Chinese herbal medicine “Lianhua Qingwen” was recommend as a preventive medicine. To ensure the supply of medicine, a pharmaceutical company in Hebei was expropriated to produce medical supplies. This company has been working overtime at it full capacity since the spring festival holiday. The medicine it produced need to be inspected, assessed and controlled at the same time to make sure that I could be on market as soon as possible.

The drastic increase of urgent demand for “Lianhua Qingwen”also increased the need for relevant testing instruments. Based on 100% trust in our company, the pharmaceutical company urgently called us on the 30th of the lunar new year’s eve , asking for support and cooperation for providing 4 sealing strength testers, which is the urgently needed for the quality control of Lianhua Qingwen capsule and Lianhua Qingwen granule production. After hearing about the urgent needs of this client, our company immediately called on employees and operated by special process to meet every need of this client. Because of this extraordinary time, which was also the public holiday, the logistics transportations were suspended, not to mention the traffic control and community control in and out of Jinan due to the epidemic, this task has become more difficult and urgent! In the face of these difficulties, all the staff of our company were in place, closely connected, and the leaders at all levels give strong support to conquer the difficulties. At the end, all logistics transportation problems were solved and this emergency task was accomplished.

Client in Shanghai

Shanghai municipal government urgently expropriated a manufacturer of medical protective articles, medicines and medical equipment packaging material to produce the novel coronavirus prevention and control medical supplies. It also required the manufacturer to strictly implement the production requirements and make every effort to arrange production to ensure the epidemic prevention and control work. The manufacturer immediately arranged production during the public holiday, and contacted our sales personnel on February 2, informing us that the Shanghai municipal government requisitioned the protective clothing for epidemic prevention and control, and needed to purchase a batch of protective clothing testing instrument urgently, and looked forward to our strong support and cooperation.

After hearing this, we acted immediately to cooperate and to guarantee this client’s needs. We made respond in no time to solve the problems of instrument technical parameters and logistics transportation. Although in the Spring Festival, but our company jumped in to work without hesitation. Marketing, sales, production and delivery, distribution, logistics and other departments worked together. The company attached great importance to this urgent task, which makes the senior management of this client put more trust in us. In the morning of February 4, the president of our company called in person to communicate the details of this purchase, including payment and delivery, completed the whole purchase process.

Then there is the issue of delivery. Our staff contacted many express companies such as SF, JD, China Railway Express, etc., and learned that all express services were out of service, which is more serious than the delivery problem faced by our clients in Hebei! The client needs this instrument before February 10th, what should I do? We didn’t give up on looking for logistics services and tried every possible way, meanwhile we kept actively in contact with the client who was also working on finding a transportation in Shanghai! In the end, everything comes to him who works hard, the client in Shanghai got in contacted a logistics service. Our senior management decided to share the cost of the transportation cost with the client to ensure that the instrument can arrive in Shanghai in a timely and safe manner, so as to ensure the smooth production of virus prevention and control materials and support the medical front line teams. By this time, most of the problems have basically settled! But in the communication, we learned that the transportation vehicle has a Zibo number plate, which was unable to enter the urban area of Jinan. We urgently contacted the relevant departments of Jinan municipal government for confirmation, and asked Shanghai to provide the relevant documents, and finally managed to obtain the emergency transport certificate and pass for the logistics vehicle. At about 19:40 that night, all matters were solved.

On February 5, the transportation vehicle entered the site for loading, production director Li Zhongming supervised in person for this loading! Our colleagues Ma Shikai, Zhou Lanhua from the Distribution Department, Yang chuanchong from the production department, Zhang Xueming, Dong Liang, Li Zhaochang, Qin Zhanxing and other comrades from the sales department participated in the whole emergency task. At noon of that day, all the instruments required by client were sent out!

Labthink will strive to be worthy of your trust and fulfill our mission

The epidemic is a touchstone for the whole society. It can assess the ability and level of enterprises facing the risks. The efficient operation of the whole Labthink team in this extraordinary time highlighted the high-quality management level of the enterprise and the modernization of the corporate governance level. It can be said that every colleague in every link has played a key role in the fight against the epidemic!

Accomplish a task with ease in wind and waves, rise vigorously in wind and waves. When urgent demand emerged in this extraordinary time, customers' trust and support for Labthink reflect the extensive influence of Labthink in the industry as an enterprise with a 30 years history. The client thought of Labthink without hesitation, which is the great honor of the enterprise! This is the highest praise to us for our process of high-quality development! At this critical time to storm and shatter the enemy, facts fully prove that Labthink is worthy of entrustment. Labthink is trustworthy. The high recognition from our clients is the embodiment of the good reputation accumulation of Labthink over the years.

In this national wide joint battle against novel coronavirus, to provide prevention and control supplies is Labthink’s escapable responsibility, and our sense of honor makes it impossible to refuse. Many manufacturers pharmaceutical industry made urgent to contact us; this is because of their deep trust in us as a test instrument manufacturer committed to global development. It is also because of the excellent quality and comprehensive strength of Labthink products, brand and industry reputation!

The epidemic is merciless and human beings have feelings. At present, the battle against the epidemic has reached the most strenuous stage, and we need to approach without any slackness. We believe that under the great power of the people of the whole country, no difficulties or obstacles can’t defeat by the heroic Chinese people. We can do it! We certainly can win a great victory in this battle without gunpowder against epidemic!

No matter how great the impact of the epidemic, no matter how the future will, no difficulties and obstacles will defeat the heroic Labthink people! Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, Labthink has fully demonstrated the great vitality of the enterprise in response to the adverse impact of the epidemic! In the future, all Labthink's colleagues will be warriors galloping on the battlefield! In the future, Labthink will also become a bright pearl amongst multinational technology companies!