There are no bystanders in this war fighting the virus.

2020 Spring Festival holiday is destined to be unforgettable. Countless people go to the medical front line to fight against the epidemic, face the danger, confront with the virus, and build a dam for people's life safety, they are hailed as “heroes” in harm's way.

There are also countless “heroes” who give up their holidays, leave their homes and participate in the emergency production of virus prevention materials. Every point of increase in production capacity means that the medical staff's treatment capacity increases, and the risk of infection of people decreases.

Backing up the numerous “heroes”, Labthink is also doing its best to guard silently.

Since the beginning of the year, Labthink has received urgent orders from relevant organizations and units such as medical control products manufacturers and medical device inspection institutes. "Is there an instrument to test the light transmittance of the protective mask? We need it urgently! " "We need several tensile testers urgently to test the peeling strength of the heat sealing tape of the protective clothing. Is there any in stock?" Heat sealing tape for protective clothing is the key material for the production of protective clothing. It is composed of substrate and adhesive layer. It is pasted on the outer joint of protective clothing to prevent the penetration of blood, body fluid, bacteria and dust particles. Only by ensuring its high sealing strength, can the protective clothing perform better in protecting, so that every front-line medical staff can treat patients more calmly and safely!

The epidemic situation is urgent, there is no oath meeting, no letter of war, Labthink assembly, adjustment, distribution and other related front-line colleagues proactively ask to return to the factory, fearless of risk, regardless of financial return, competing against the clock, Labthink office and other support departments also do a good job in epidemic prevention and protection, and finally, we have achieved the fastest 2-day assembly, adjustment and distribution procedures, with the fastest speed, we will send the instrument to the clients and work together to ensure the smooth production of epidemic prevention materials.

"Fear not the want of armor, for mine is also yours to wear" As a member of the enterprises participating in the epidemic rescue, our mission is to ensure that every hero can come home safely. We are willing to do our best to help with all sectors and deliver more warmth and protection to the “heroes” fighting in the front line!