Migration test cell is designed to pre-treat the materials used in migration test described in GB/T5009.156-2016 “National Food Safety Standard General Principle to the Pretreatment for Migration Test of Materials and Articles in Contact with Food”. The test cell is made of high quality stainless steel. Three models QYC-B、QYC-C and QYC-E are available.

The migration test principle provided in GB/T 5009.156 is as follows.

Put the food simulant in a beaker, put the beaker in a thermostatic chamber and set the temperature.

Install the specimen in the migration test cell. The size of the specimen should be large than the migration test cell.

Take the food simulant out of the thermostatic chamber, inject it into the migration test cell, and note down the volume of the food stimulant.

Put the migration test cell back in the thermostatic container.

Take the migration test cell out of the thermostatic chamber, wait till it is room temperature. When the food simulant is olive oil or corn oil, its temperature should not be lower than 10℃ after cooling down.

Here is a demonstration of using Labthink Migration test cell:

Migration test cell QYC-E is designed in accordance to EN 13130-1:2004, it supports single side and double side contact with food simulants. The contact area is 100cm2(single side)and 200cm2(double side), max volume is 200mL, applicable to all food simulants provided in GB31604.1-2015 “National Food Safety Standard - General rules for migration test of food contact materials and products”

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