Auto Sampler, is one small accessory of C640 Thickness Tester. Featuring compact design and sophisticated rolling shaft mechanism, auto sample feeding is achieved in the thickness tester by using the auto sampler.

Why we developed this auto sampler? Let’s start with the measuring method of the thickness tester.

The most used method of thickness measurement in packaging industry is mechanical contacting method, which is precise and universally applicable.

Mechanical contacting measurement is getting thickness of plastic film by displacement sensor. Before measuring, the presser foot falls on the anvil surface of the instrument, the sensor will record the initial displacement value. When the presser foot is lifted, the specimen should be placed on the anvil and the presser foot will fall on the specimen with same pressure, the sensor will record the displacement value again. The difference between the displacement values is the thickness of the specimen.

It is suggested to measure multiple points of the specimen so that the thickness of the material can be measured more accurately. It is required to move the specimen manually during the period from the lifting and falling of the presser foot (usually within 5 seconds) and the points shall be certain distance between each other. When moving the specimen, any contact (by specimen or finger) with the pressure foot may cause a great deviation in the measuring results.

In order to solve the problem mentioned above, we designed auto sampler. By setting feeding space, feeding speed and number of measured points in the software, the auto sampler will move the specimen at a constant speed through its rolling shaft mechanism, so that the interference caused by manual operation will be avoided. Meanwhile, the whole measuring process can be completed automatically, which greatly improves the testing efficiency.

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