Barrier property and tensile property are the most fundamental properties of packaging materials. It is significant to know and grasp the barrier property and tensile properties of the materials in research & development, usage and designing, etc. Barrier property and tensile properties of the plastic films are the main testing items both for quality control department of enterprises and quality inspection organizations. How to guarantee the accuracy of testing data is always the main concern of those enterprises and quality inspection organizations.

Since 2014, Labthink has launched 4 consecutive times of proficiency service, which received a positive response. Every year, more than 100 laboratories from China and abroad participated in this event, including national quality inspection organizations, enterprises and institutions, and academic institutions. As a response to the requests of laboratories, Labthink included tensile property testing of plastic film in its proficiency service in 2017.

In order to push forward the uniformity of test data and improving the comprehensive test capacity of laboratories for permeability and tensile properties, Labthink will continue permeability and tensile property proficiency service in the spring, 2018, which will start from March 15, 2018.