Plastic films physical properties are significant for material researchand development, applications and design. For enterprise quality controldepartments and quality inspection institutions, plastic films physicalproperties are frequently tested items, and test result accuracy is always aconcern.

Proficiency service is an important way to improve a laboratory’s testingcapability and proficiency, it also helps a laboratory to identify its problemsand verify the accuracy of the testing instruments. Since 2014, Labthink hassuccessfully organized 6 times of proficiency service. More than 600laboratories worldwide has participated in this event, including nationalquality inspection institutions, enterprises and governmental institutions, scientificresearch institutes and international laboratories.

In 2020, due to the COVID-19, the service has beenpostponed, but will not be absent. 2020 LabthinkGlobal Physical Properties Proficiency Service – Film Testing will startfrom September 15, 2020. Laboratories which perform plastic films tests fromall over the world are welcomed to participate. Looking forward to meeting you again!