Brief Introduction

Barrier property is one of the most important properties of packaging materials. It is necessary to test the barrier properties of packaging materials in research and development, daily use and product designing. The tensile properties are the most important and fundamental mechanical properties of plastic materials, which determine the application scope of the plastic materials, to some extent.

Since the spring of 2014, Labthink has launched 3 consecutive times of permeability proficiency service. It can be seen from the last three years’ events that there were more skeptical results and outliers of results in 2017 compared to the results in 2014. However, in 2016, we got more skeptical data and outliers from the test results submitted by those laboratories, which proves that there is still a long way to go for those laboratories in improving the accuracy of permeability test data and solving the problems that cause inaccuracy of their test results.

In order to push forward the uniformity of test data and improving the comprehensive test capacity of laboratories, Labthink will launch permeability and tensile properties proficiency service in the spring, 2017, which will start from March 1, 2017. Considering the impact of tensile properties on performance in use as well as the testing demands of the laboratories, tensile properties are included in this event.

Sincerely invite you to participate in Labthink Permeability Proficiency Service!

Our Mission

This event aims to help the laboratories to find out the problems existing in their barrier property and tensile property tests and improve their testing ability. It is expected to help bridge the data variation between the laboratories and provide valuable reference for the permeability tests.

How to participate Labthink Permeability Proficiency Service

The participants can register by themselves and a unique test lab No. will be designated to the laboratory. The testing data are submitted with this unique test lab No. and the permeability proficiency service report will be issued with this unique test No. All the testing data will be kept confidential to guarantee the data privacy of the participants.

Time Schedule

Registration Time: March 1, 2017- May 1, 2017
Data Collection: April 1, 2017- May 30, 2017
Report Issuing: Mid of June, 2017

Service Charge

In order to provide all the participated laboratories with better service and promote the uniformity of permeability test results of film, the permeability & tensile property proficiency service in spring of 2017 is totally free of charge.

Sincerely invite you to participate in Labthink Permeability & Tensile Property Proficiency Service!


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