Barrier Property Researches

Separation membranes selectively separate gases, and the separation coefficient of gases is a key performance index in measuring separation effect. In this paper, by testing the permeability of nitrogen and carbon dioxide to a certain membrane sample, the separation ability of the sample to nitrogen and carbon dioxide is evaluated. The test principle, the parameters, application of the pressure differential method testing equipment, and the test process are introduced. Reference for the analysis and test of the separation effect of the membrane is provided. Continue reading

Basically, increasing the thickness of film materials is one of the important measures to improve the barrier properties of packages. Meanwhile, the increase of materials thickness is bound to increase packaging costs. This article studied the influence of increasing the thickness of single layer membrane in composite materials on the barrier properties of packages, through test the oxygen permeation of film materials with different thickness. Continue reading

Common aluminum-coated substrates include PET, BOPP, CPP, etc. After coated with vapor deposition of aluminum, aluminum-coated films such as VMPET, VMBOPP, and VMCPP are formed. The barrier properties of aluminized films may vary with different manufacturers, evaporation processes and even different batches. The differences are in thickness, density of the aluminized layer, and the COF between the aluminum layer and the substrate. This article introduces a study on whether the substrate of an aluminum-coated film will affect its barrier properties. Continue reading

Pudding cups need to have effective oxygen barrier properties to guarantee the quality of its shelf life. This article introduces an oxygen transmission rate test method to test the pudding cup, i.e. the coulometric method. The test principle, instrument features, specifications, and testing procedures are all included in this article, which may provide reference for oxygen permeability test of packaging containers. Continue reading